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Welcome to RANA

Welcome to RANA Calgary
Sponsorship offers.

As we know, everyone works hard to promote and grow our business! In order to do so, RANA Calgary can help you grow your business customer base across our community!

We invite all sort of businesses to our vibrant growing family. You can promote your
business in our community by becoming our sponsors for the year and participate
in all our events.

We plan for 3-5 major events every year and have an amazing Sponsorship packages
keeping in mind small/large businesses.
Type of Sponsorship offers:

  • Main event Sponsors
  • Business promotion stalls
  • Physical Banner Display in any events
  • Website banner display
  • Social media marketing

Please note that, we can prepare customize sponsorship packages also based on your needs, budget and involvement.

For knowing further details about our offers and pricings, please contact: info@RANACalgary.ca or Daleep Shekhawat (president@RANACalgary.ca)

Our Sponsors


join us and become part of something great