…Gangaur RANA Ke Sang…

The Gangaur Festival is one of the most celebrated festivals in Rajasthan. The festival is celebrated in the honor of Goddess Parvati or Gauri. Both married and unmarried women take part in this festival with a lot of enthusiasm. The festival has a lot of religious importance to the people as Goddess Gauri and Parvati represents perfection and connubial love. The goddesses are also worshipped for another reason. It is believed that praying to the Goddess provides good life partners. For the women who are already married, they pray to the Goddess for a happy married life and for the well-being of their husband.

We at RANA, celebrate Gangaur with great enthusiasm. By being here, you will find yourself enjoying the Indian culture and heritage.

This year we will celebrate Gangaur festival on April 6th, 2019, in traditional Indian attire.

Gangaur Venue: Uplands Recreation Centre
Address: 20 Hawkside Rd, NW Calgary AB T3G 3K9

Date: Saturday, 6th April 2019
Time: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Member Rates:
Per Family - $10

Non-Member Rates:
Per Family - $10

Program details:
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM - Meet & Greet, Dance and Dinner

Rajasthani Outfit (Bandhani, Leharia)

This is a potluck event

Event Contact Persons:
Hema - 587 432 5352
Jyoti - 403 803 2865

A Few Points to note:
Any Member who wants to purchase tickets can login to the website and purchase tickets online.

Non Members who wish to purchase the tickets, please get in touch with one of the board members before transferring the money.

Happiness doubles in giving to the less fortunate. As always we invite non perishable food items for donations to Calgary Food Bank. Please be generous in your donations.