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About RANA Calgary’s Diversity Run
It is an annual event organized by RANA Youth who are between the ages of 12-18 years. The Diversity Run was founded to bring various social issues that affect everyone in the community. In our very first year, we raised $5,000 for the Brain Health department at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, with an aim of bring awareness to brain health issues. This issue was chosen because in many cultures, including the South East Asian community, brain health and mental illness is a stigmatized topic which is often ignored.

In the last four years our youth have raised over $65,000 for the Brain Health Department at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. While doing so, we have brought awareness about brain health and mental health issues in our community. Money raised by us is used for important research and support in the area of brain and mental health.

This year, the Diversity Run is being held at Edworthy Park in Calgary. The event is open to all, young and old. Participants can make this run an opportunity to have a family day out, a corporate challenge, a test of personal athletic ability, or simply to have fun while supporting a great cause. This year we are hoping to raise $15,000 for the Alberta Children’s Hospital, please join us to help make this run a success.

We plan to continue supporting the Alberta Children’s Hospital as we align ourselves with their slogan, “Kids Helping Kids” because what makes the Diversity Run unique is that the event is solely organized by the RANA Youth, which is a sub-group within the RANA Calgary (Rajasthan Association of North America). All outreach activities are done by this group to advance the success of the run and increase awareness of the issues we plan to tackle together. Not only does this youth group organize the run, they also reach out to Calgary-based businesses and donors to increase awareness of this important cause of brain and mental.
Contact Information
Anay Bhutoria: Co-President
anaybhutoria@gmail.comPhone: (403) 870-9159

Prathvi Shekhawat: Co-President
prathvis2@gmail.comPhone: (403) 797-1778

Pledge for Us
Every dollar you bring in goes a long way to help a child in the Hospital. All monies raised will be donated to the Children's Hospital, Calgary. It is us Children who help other children in need.
So download this printable form and make pledges and hand over to the organizers of this event.

Click Here for the downloadable form