RANA Calgary is a non-profit organization, energized by members providing a dedicated platform to create a stronger sense sense of community among Indo-Canadian (Western) of Rajasthan descent. RANA Calgary is a driving force to promote, propogate and preserve the incredibly rich Rajasthan culture, heritage, traditions and values, and simultaneously instill these in the present and future generations of Indo-Canadian-Rajasthanis.

Our main vision is to promote Rajasthani culture and to cultivate its beauty and authenticity to the new generation so they can also enjoy and know the flavour and benefits of their roots. The culture is the way we think, act or live. It is a show-case of ourselves. We have one life only to live. We can paint it with colourful memories or events and can spread positive awareness to make a happy, healty community. It is also a platform that provides an opportunity to turn ideas into action. In a short span of time, through hosting families events and other form of community building and support activities.

RANA Calgary was founded and tasked towards its tryst to meet its objectives under the visionary founder and Past President Yogesh Paliwal along with his dedicated team of patrons, Directors, Conveners and Members

It tireless auguments Canada's strength and ability for embracing every culture in creating an inclusive dynamic, global society proud of its various languages, histories, ancestries and cultures.

The present has the responsibility towards the past and the future, it has to to preserve the culture, heritage, and values of the past and pass it to the future.